How to Make Yummy 🥗Salad perfectly balanced

🥗Salad perfectly balanced.

🥗Salad perfectly balanced You can cook 🥗Salad perfectly balanced using 13 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of 🥗Salad perfectly balanced

  1. It's of Kale 🥬 (66cal).
  2. Prepare of sliced almonds (24cal).
  3. You need of chia seeds (30 cal).
  4. You need of tomatoes(22 cal) 🍅.
  5. Prepare of Orange (30 cal) 🍊.
  6. You need of garbanzo beans (120 cal).
  7. It's of olive oil (120 cal).
  8. You need of lemon 🍋 (juice).
  9. Prepare of avocado 🥑 (60 cal).
  10. Prepare of pumpkin seeds (24 cal).
  11. It's of chicken 🍗 (if you do not cat meat, substitute for tofu or whatever protein source you want, as more chuck beans!) (55 cal).
  12. It's of asparagus (10 cal).
  13. It's of green onions.

🥗Salad perfectly balanced step by step

  1. First I boil water and I cook the chicken (I usually do a meal prep with chicken boiled so I do not have to worry about it the rest of the week).
  2. The I massage the kale (totally clean and dry) for 5-10 minutes until the kale is a lot greener and it has reduce substantially the volume. The texture is soooo much greater and the taste is softer, also it is easier to digest and take all the good properties of the kale..
  3. Third, with some lemon pepper make the asparagus. Cut in pieces, it is funny finding some pieces of asparagus in your salad :).
  4. Now cut everything very small and mix! If you are not a salad lover, you can add some Modena balsamic vinegar, since I live in the US I have seen it in traders Joe’s but probably there is in more places (Mediterranean people looking always for our food haha)..
  5. Don’t abuse of the vinegar because it has sugar on it, but if it makes you eat salad with more pleasure, don’t doubt and use it, this salad is so nutrient that you can afford for sure some sauce if it is going to make you eat more often. Enjoy!!.

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