How to Make Yummy KFC style fried Chicken:

KFC style fried Chicken:. Hello everyone !today's recipe is perfect KFC style Fried Chicken recipe in a homemade version. I hope u guys will like this easy and delicious chicken fry. Making KFC fried chicken at home allows you the opportunity to customize it to suit your preferences.

KFC style fried Chicken: Purveyors of the World's Best Chicken. As a kid my aunt would walk me home from school and we would stop at the KFC. KFC style Fried Chicken - that is so flavorful and juicy with a crispy herb-infused coating that breaks in your mouth with every single bite. You can cook KFC style fried Chicken: using 21 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of KFC style fried Chicken:

  1. You need of 🌻For Marinade:.
  2. You need of Chicken thigh or breast (flatten the meat between two pieces of cling film).
  3. You need of Buttermilk (yogurt +Milk substitute if you don’t have buttermilk).
  4. It's of Dried rosemary.
  5. You need of & 1/2 tsp lemon juice.
  6. It's of Red chilli powder or to taste.
  7. It's of Salt or to taste.
  8. Prepare of Cardamom powder.
  9. You need of Garlic finely chopped.
  10. Prepare of Ginger finely chopped.
  11. It's of Eggs.
  12. Prepare of 🌻FOR Flour Mixture (coating).
  13. Prepare of & 1/2 cup All purpose flour.
  14. You need of Cornstarch.
  15. It's of Red chilli powder.
  16. You need of Garlic powder.
  17. It's of Fennel seed (sonf).
  18. Prepare of Coriander powder (dhaniya powder).
  19. You need of Baking powder.
  20. You need of black pepper.
  21. You need of Salt or to taste.

The chicken is seasoned with a selection of spices that are just perfect. It is then drenched overnight in buttermilk for a tender and juicy bite. How to fry chicken is the sort of thing that anyone who has ever done it has a bunch of opinions about. Steps to make KFC Style Fried Chicken.

KFC style fried Chicken: step by step

  1. 🌻Marinade: Mix in a bowl the milk and lemon juice then let it sit for 5 mins. The mixture should curd. This is homemade buttermilk. Add the dried rosemary to the buttermilk. Add the chilli powder, salt, cardamom powder, garlic, ginger and eggs then mix well. putting all chicken in the bowl of marinade and coat well. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 4 hrs..
  2. 🌻For flour mixture: add the flour in a bowl, cornstarch, red chilli powder, garlic powder, fennel seeds, coriander seed powder, baking powder, salt and pepper then mix..
  3. 🌻To fry: heat pan with oil on medium heat. Remove chicken marinate from fridge and allow to get to room temperature If you cook straight from fridge the chicken will absorb the oil and the heat of the oil will drop..
  4. Chicken Coat in the flour mixture, then back into marinate and once again back in the flour to re coat. Fry the chicken. Cook 3/4 pieces at a time. Cook for 12-15 mins until brown and crispy. Remove and serve with you favourite sauces. Enjoy !!!.

Take chicken drumstick (legs) along with skin, cleanly washed. Make a coating mixture of crushed cornflakes. "If you like fried chicken then there's nothing like KFC. Being a Big KFC fan, I always wonder how to emulate the authentic taste at home. With this delicious, easy, tried & tested recipe, now you can enjoy KFC style fried chicken in own your kitchen. "Kentucky- Style Chicken", then was a reference to his rapid cooking process, and his spice mix. Others who tried to emulate his success started calling their chicken Kentucky style as an homage.

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